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You should plan on 2 hours between your arrival at the Espace Nouvelle Vision Center and your departure, although the procedure itself only lasts 30 minutes.

Don’t forget to bring your prescription eye drops, you’ll need them to moisturize your eyes for a few hours after the operation. Also bring sunglasses, because your eyes will be slightly irritated and light sensitive for several hours.

Avoid consuming large amounts of alcohol the day before surgery.

It is absolutely necessary not to wear any make-up and to remove all make-up at least 24 hours before the operation.

If your refractive eye surgery is planned in the afternoon, you can work in the morning. Your vision will be blurry for several hours after a ReLEx SMILE or LASIK procedure, but you can return to work the next day.

If your surgery is scheduled in the morning, we advise you to return home afterwards, whatever the technique. With the ReLEx SMILE or LASIK techniques, your vision is usually largely sufficient to return to work the next day, even if you work on a computer. On the other hand, if you undergo a PKR or PresbiViz procedure, you will need an average of 3 days of rest, but each individual case is evaluated by the surgeon.

You should plan to have someone bring you home after surgery so that you will not have to drive. If you are not accompanied by someone, you should take a taxi or mass transit.

The eyes are anesthetized with eye drops that are strong enough to prevent any pain or sensitivity. You are lying down throughout the entire procedure. At the Espace Nouvelle Vision Center laser vision correction surgery is a painless procedure.

During the vision evaluation test with your surgeon, you will choose the laser technique that is the best adapted to your vision.

Surgery takes place in the operating room at the Espace Nouvelle Vision Center and it is always performed by the surgeon that performed your preoperative eye exam.

We suggest arriving 15 minutes early so that you can be signed in, we can recover the signed informed consent document and respond to any of your last minute questions.

Whatever the technique, laser surgery lasts 30 minutes. Eye drops are administered to anesthetize your eyes. You will receive all necessary explanations throughout the procedure to ensure that things go smoothly under the best conditions. Although this can be a stressful experience, rest assured that your surgeon and his/her team have experience with managing any possible concerns. The procedure is absolutely painless.

When you come out of the operating room, the surgeon will place you in a separate room so that you can rest. S/he will then check your eyes again before you are released.

We recommend that you take a taxi or that someone takes you home after the procedure because your vision will be fairly blurry immediately following surgery.

A follow-up consultation will be scheduled with your surgeon several days after the procedure to make sure that your eyes are healing and that your vision has returned to normal.

If you undergo the LASIK, PKR or PresbiViz procedure at the Espace Nouvelle Vision Center we recommend that you do not participate in any activities where there is a risk of accident or injury to the eye (sports, playing with children, handiwork…). Use the protective eye shields at night for 1 week.

If you undergo a ReLEx SMILE, procedure, you can return to any of your usual activities the day after surgery if your vision allows it. You do not need a protective eye shield at night.

Whatever the type of refractive surgery, avoid getting soap or water in your eye the evening after surgery, and use the prescription eye drops regularly. Don’t rub your eyes, even if they are irritated, but do apply eye drops to moisturize and and lubricate them as this is the only way to treat the irritation. Wear sunglasses outside if your eyes are light sensitive.

You should have a post-operative follow-up consult several days after surgery. This will be rapid and scheduled on the day of the vision evaluation test or on the day of surgery. Other consults will be scheduled in the weeks and months following surgery, if the surgeon feels it’s necessary.

You can drive short distances the day after surgery once your vision has been checked.

You should wait 3 or 4 days after the LASIK or ReLEx SMILE procedure before driving long distances. On the other hand, after a PKR procedure you should wait between 7 and 10 days before driving.

If your driver’s license mentions that you wear glasses, a medical certificate confirming your new visual acuity will be given to you at the postoperative consult. You can use this certificate to have your license changed.

You can take a normal shower or a bath 2 days after refractive eye surgery, but you must absolutely avoid getting any soap or water in your eyes.

You can use moisturizing creams and face make-up 2 days after surgery. You should avoid touching your eyelids and lashes for a week.

No restriction on screen time, as long as you use moisturizing eye drops.

You can take a plane the day after surgery, but make sure your eyes are well moisturized during the flight because of the air is dry on the plane

You can return to sports the day after a ReLEx SMILE procedure.

Following the other procedures, you can play sports with no risk to your eyes such as gymnastics, jogging, or biking, 3 days later.

You can play tennis, soccer, sail, ski and go to the pool with protective glasses 3 weeks later.

After 3 months you can practice more violent water sports such as surfing, waterskiing, or white water rafting.

Everyone’s vision is unique. Your surgeon will give you a detailed personalized estimate after the preoperative eye examination. The price of laser surgery depends on the technique used and the complexity of the treatment.

Consult the price list

Make an appointment during an AZURE period and save.

A word from our patients

A successful operation!

My eye operation was a success thanks to the new RELEX SMILE procedure. My eyes stung a bit for 4 hours after the operation and that’s all! It’s so wonderful to get up in the morning and not to have to put on my glasses! I see the world differently through new eyes! Thanks to the team at the Espace Nouvelle Vision Center!

I’m so happy!

It’s been 2 months since I had eye surgery at the Espace Nouvelle Vision Center (to treat myopia with LASIK). I’m very happy, I can see perfectly, with no need for glasses or contacts! It’s changed the way I live, I don’t have to deal with taking care of contacts, and it’s so great to get up in the morning and be able to see! I highly recommend this operation for anyone that is eligible. The surgeon and the team at the Espace Nouvelle Vision Center were fantastic!

I have perfect vision again!

With a friendly and professional team, and an operation that was not as impressive as I thought it would be, I now have perfect vision again!
No more tired eyes after a long day with contacts, or blindly searching for my glasses…I am totally satisfied with the operation and would like to thank my surgeon and his team!

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