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The lasik technique, 100% laser, comfort and precision.

The LASIK (Laser Assisted In-situ Keratomilosis) is the most well-tested technique in refractive eye surgery.

First step

The first step involves creating a thin flap of the superficial layers of the cornea that is held in place by a corneal hinge.

The Espace Nouvelle Vision Center has a state of the art technology platform, and your surgeon performs this step by laser alone.

The most recent Zeiss Femtosecond VisuMax laser is used providing incredible precision in 20 seconds. The exact parameters for the thickness, diameter, and the location of the corneal hinge that is the best adapted to your eyes are programmed in the VisuMax computer, after you have undergone an in depth examination of your cornea

No more blades!
Attention, certain centers are not equipped with the most recent lasers, which means that the surgeon will perform incisions mechanically with a micro-keratoma.

The state of the art Zeiss VisuMax laser respects the physiology of your eye resulting in an incredibly comfortable procedure. Your eyes will no longer be red and painful for several days the way they were following procedures with first generation lasers.

You stay right where you are for the second step! The bed pivots directly from the first to the second laser.

Second step

The second step involves gently lifting the corneal flap then directing the Zeiss Excimer MEL80 laser beam on the corneal stroma to cut and reshape the cornea to correct the myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism. The flap is then returned to its original position on the modified cornea and after several minutes it adheres spontaneously.

Surgeons have a high degree of control throughout the entire LASIK all-laser procedure for a maximum of efficacy.

The advantages of the LASIK procedure

  • Painless
  • Rapid recovery
  • Extremely precise
  • No « black hole » for the patient when the flap is being created

The only discomfort following the 100% laser LASIK technique is slight eye irritation, but no pain, with an impression of blurry for several hours then the eyesight recovers very rapidly. In most cases the quality of the patient’s eyesight allows him/her to return to work the next day although the vision may fluctuate during the day. The eyesight stabilizes in the next few days.

Still hesitating? At the Espace Nouvelle Vision Center, receive a free consult to know if you are eligible!

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A word from our patients

A successful operation!

My eye operation was a success thanks to the new RELEX SMILE procedure. My eyes stung a bit for 4 hours after the operation and that’s all! It’s so wonderful to get up in the morning and not to have to put on my glasses! I see the world differently through new eyes! Thanks to the team at the Espace Nouvelle Vision Center!

I’m so happy!

It’s been 2 months since I had eye surgery at the Espace Nouvelle Vision Center (to treat myopia with LASIK). I’m very happy, I can see perfectly, with no need for glasses or contacts! It’s changed the way I live, I don’t have to deal with taking care of contacts, and it’s so great to get up in the morning and be able to see! I highly recommend this operation for anyone that is eligible. The surgeon and the team at the Espace Nouvelle Vision Center were fantastic!

I have perfect vision again!

With a friendly and professional team, and an operation that was not as impressive as I thought it would be, I now have perfect vision again!
No more tired eyes after a long day with contacts, or blindly searching for my glasses…I am totally satisfied with the operation and would like to thank my surgeon and his team!

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