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Visual defect


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Nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, presbyopia? Find a good view without correction.

With refractive surgery, you will find all your freedom, can work on your computer, driving, movies, reading, playing all sports ...
At Espace Nouvelle Vision, technology hardware ZEISS Visumax (femtosecond laser) and MEL 80 (excimer laser) provide a high level of precision for the eye. Espace Nouvelle Vision is the only Lasik center to operation of myopia in Paris bringing together these two lasers.
The intervention by laser Lasik is guaranteed painless. The treatment lasts a few minutes, and recovery of sight is almost immediate. The resumption of normal activities is possible the next day.
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Espace Nouvelle Vision is always ahead, and is the 1st Parisian center which offers to its patients Relex technology that allows the creation of a duckweed in 3D, which will be extracted through (...)
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How do we correct presbyopia ? A question that we didn’t even ask 20 years ago: glasses were the only option; something everybody will need from a certain age. Today there are other solutions. (...)
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