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The combined use of the VisuMax, the Mel 80 and the CRS-Master™, enables us to obtain the most precise visual results possible.
The treatment bed is set up to pivot between the VisuMax system and the MEL 80 laser meaning that the patient does not need to move between the different phases of the operation.
The intervention is therefore a smooth, continuous procedure.

Zeiss Femtosecond laser: VisuMax
The laser impulses are extremely short, to the measure of a femtosecond (10-15). The reliability and cutting precision are achieved through the minimal use of laser energy: This is thanks to the precision of the Zeiss technology and the frequency of the femtosecond pulse. The measurements, dimensions and thickness of the corneal flap (around a micron) are all controlled by the VisuMax laser computer. The distinctive feature of the VisuMax laser is its capacity to cut the cornea without causing pain or moments of darkness. The patient is able to watch a fixed light during the whole procedure. The Femtosecond laser pulses pass through a contact lens which is curved in uniform to the shape of the cornea. This contact lens touches the cornea and is held in place by a natural corneal suction process. Different lens sizes are available for an optimal fit.

Zeiss Excimer Laser: MEL 80
The parameters of the MEL 80 are established in order to optimise the efficiency of the treatment and to give a rapid recovery with good sharpness of vision. This laser is used to remove tissue at high speed and uses a Gussian beam profile which has a very small spot size.
The laser pulses are constantly controlled by an ‘eyetracking’ system. At the beginning of the operation this system analyses the iris and records the form and shape of the pupil. This allows the treatment to remain focussed on the centre of the eye as the laser is able to follow even the slightest pupil movement.
The MEL 80 is also equipped with a cyclotorsion system enabling it to react to changes in the position of the patient: The vertical (when initially measuring the cornea) and the horizontal (when lying down during the intervention). This technology is particularly important for the treatment of astigmatisms.
The MEL80 laser is used in conjunction with the corneal analysing machine, the CRS-Master™. The recorded measurements are transferred to a laser computer to maximise the precision of the refractive treatment.

Zeiss Wavefront Analyser: CRS-Master™
The CRS-Master brings together ATLAS – used to measure the corneal topography and WASCA –used to analyse the landscape of the cornea using wavefront.
The combination of recordings held by the CRS-Master™ are transmitted to the MEL 80 laser computer and aligned with the treatment zone to deliver an optimal and personalised refractive surgery.

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