Laser eye surgery

Tarif Azur

Book periods "azur" and save money

To make savings on your laser eye operation, simply book online, among the proposed dates, which suits you best

- for the preoperative consultation
- for the intervention itself

The date of the surgery will be confirmed by your surgeon after your preoperative assessment, depending on your eligibility.

Save up to € 800 on your eye laser operation

By choosing a period "azur", you get the same surgical procedure than at other times of the week, but discounted.

  • PKR : 500€ instead of €550, € 50 discount per eye
  • Lasik : 900€ instead of €1100, € 200 discount per eye
  • RelEx : 1000€ instead of €1200 , € 200 discount per eye
  • PresbiViz : 1100€ au lieu de 1500 € instead of €1500 , € 400 discount per eye

Your surgeon will advise you the technique best suited to your situation during the preoperative consultation.

Ready for a new vision? Book in 2 steps and 2 minutes! Click here!

Step 1: The preoperative consultation

The preoperative assessment, comprehensive ophthalmologic examination, allows the surgeon to:
- Evaluate your eyesight and check stability
- Realize the biometric measurements of the eye (anterior and posterior corneal topography, pachymetry, aberrometry...)
- Make an eye fundus examination (thanks to eyedrops which disturb your vision for about 2 hours after the appointment)
- Check the intraocular pressure
- Explain the differences between the available surgical methods; terms, benefits, risks, changes over time,
- Give you an estimate (which allows you to request a study of reimbursement from health insurance companies)
- Provide you an informed consent. It is an official document reminding everything that has been said and explained during the preoperative meeting, which must be given dated and signed on the day of the surgery. You can download this document on the French Ophthalmology Society

By whom and where?

The pre operative assessment is performed by one of the Espace Nouvelle Vision sugeons; all examinations are realized on-site, in the same day. The time required is 1 h 30 min approximately. They must be set up on the Espace Nouvelle Vision website, only on Monday mornings. Please refer to the webpage dedicated.

What cost? Will I be reimbursed?

The preoperative examination is charged €100, whether the patient is eligible or not. At the end of the appointment, the patient receives a cost estimate of the laser surgery and the post-operative follow up but also a medical invoicefor the consultation to send to the Health Insurance. The French social security will reimbursed €76.17 if applicable. The vital card is not accepted.

Should I remove my contact lenses before the preoperative assessment?

The day of the preoperative visit, patient have to not worn contact lenses during the preceding days (3 days if they are soft lenses daily, monthly, quarterly or annual and 3 weeks if they are semi-rigid or rigid lenses). To realize the eye fundus examination, eye drops are instilled in the eyes to dilate the pupils; the vision being disturbed sometimes strongly for about two hours, we recommend you to be accompanied by or to go by public transport.

Step 2: The Laser surgery

The laser surgerytakes place in Espace Nouvelle Vision and performed by the surgeon you met during the preoperative assessment.

You choose online your date of intervention on the dedicated page "rates French Riviera" (, only at the indicated times. To facilitate your arrival and your relaxation the day of intervention, we recommend you to arrive 15 minutes in advance; thus, we can proceed with the registration of your arrival, get back the informed consent that you have signed and answer your latest questions. To help you, we’ll give you a relaxing tablet, unless contraindicated.

The intervention lasts less than 30 minutes for both eyes and takes place in the operating suite. We recommend you to take a meal before the surgery, to come in comfortable clothes, to remove the piercings close to the eyes and to not put on makeup (not even moisturizing cream).

Take sunglasses without correction for your way back, and come with your postoperative treatment prescribed.

Concerning the wear of contact lenses, they are prohibited before surgery. They have to be removed at least, 7 days before surgery. The patient’s eyes are anesthetized with simple eye drops and during the procedure you will receive all the necessary explanations so that everything runs through the best conditions. It is sometimes stressful experience for patients; the surgeon and his team are used to handle this. The intervention is absolutely painless and lasts less than 15 minutes per eye.

After the surgery, you will be escorted to a relaxing areaand a snack will be offered to you. Then, your surgeon will make a final check of your cornea to validate your departure.

After that, you can proceed to the payment of your laser surgery, by credit card only. Please note that the American Express is not accepted, and that it is not possible to spread out your payment under these tariff conditions. To go home, we advised you to be accompanied by or to take a cab. Your eyesight will be blurred temporarily.

A postoperative appointment will be set up with the surgeon to check the proper healing of the eye and vision recovery depending on the method that has been chosen. The date will be set during the preoperative assessment.

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