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How do we correct presbyopia ?
A question that we didn’t even ask 20 years ago: glasses were the only option; something everybody will need from a certain age. Today there are other solutions. The most recent, PresbiViz has been available since January 2010 and is in Paris only at Espace Nouvelle Vision.

PresbiViz represents 5 years of clinical research in partnership with the Ziess Meditec society and is realised by a mathematical model (see publications of Prof Dan Ranstein).

Following precise study of the respective cornea, it permits bespoke treatment based on the individual presbyopia case. It provides a complete method that can be reproduced again and again.

The PresbiViz method is facilitated by the Ziess platform: The Blended Vision software, CRS Master, Femtosecond laser and the Mel 80 laser. This method is reliable, painless and is suited to most people. The large majority of cases are performed successfully with excellent acceptence rates.

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