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Visual defect


The first stage

It consists of cutting a small flap on the cornea (90 to 120 microns) which is then folded back. The exposed corneal tissue is then cut down and modified by a Micro keratome machine operated by a surgeon.
For improved safety and accuracy this process has now evolved towards the 100% laser surgery method, therefore eliminating the use of any mechanically operated cutting instruments.

The end of the scalpel !

At Espace Nouvelle Vision this first stage is now undertaken using the Zeiss Femtosecond VisuMax laser and lasts around only 30 seconds.
A computer assisted operation unequalled for optic precision.
This latest technological innovation gives incredible precision (thickness, diameter, hinge positioning) when creating the corneal flap and is guided by the individual cornea. The measurements are programmed on the computer of the VisuMax after detailed examination of the specific cornea.
The two aforementioned stages are combined thanks to an advanced platform.

The second stage

It involves delicately lifting the corneal flap before focussing the laser on the exposed corneal stroma underneath. The rays of the Zeiss Excimer Mel 80 laser are then employed to reshape and modify the tissue to correct the refractive default. The procedure is similar for myopia, hypermetropia and/or astigmatisms.
The flap is then replaced to its original position over the modified cornea and is held in place through natural suction.
All-laser lasik gives a very high degree of surgical control for maximum efficiency and results.

  • Less stress and anxiety
  • More confidence
  • Pain free
  • No darkness during the creation of the flap when using the VisuMax.

After all-laser LASIK treatment you can experience minor eye irritation and blurred vision for a few hours, however on the whole vision will return very quickly. The following day vision has normally recovered enough so that you can drive and work as per usual, although is still possible to experience some variations in sharpness.
Sight will generally stabilise in the following days.

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