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What activities can and can’t I do after LASIK surgery?
Immediately after the operation

  • Don’t touch or rub your eyes.
  • Rest for a few hours in your home, take an afternoon nap, listen to music with your eyes half closed......
  • Apply lubricant, and hydrating eye drops that will be prescribed to you.

24 hours after the operation

  • Take a shower or even better a bath.
  • Avoid getting soap or tap water in your eyes
  • You can read or watch TV.
  • You can return to work. Keep your eyes hydrated with artificial tears.
  • You can take a plane, but remember to lubricate you eyes with the recommended eye drops as cabin air is very dry.

48 hours after the operation

  • You can now take a bath and wear makeup on your face, but not on your eyelids.

After 3 days

  • You can begin to do exercise and sports that do not affect your eyes, like cycling, jogging or gymnastics.
  • You can play with young children but be careful that they don’t touch your eyes.

After 3 weeks

  • Racket games can be played but it is best to wear eye protection, swimming is permitted with goggles.
  • Also diving, sailing, mountain biking and football are ok, you can ski but you should wear a mask.

After 3 months

  • It is possible to practice more violent sports such as martial arts, waterskiing and other water sports.

Is it possible to drive directly after a LASIK operation?
It is best not to drive on the first day. It is possible to drive short distances the following day if your assessment confirms that your vision is ok.

What are the long-term results of laser surgery?
It is a proven technique. The idea of cutting down the cornea has existed for 30 years, the Excimer laser has been used for more than 20 years and more than 17million patients have been operated on in the world to this day. We can today confirm that there is no long term worry with regards to safety following this operation. This is mainly thanks to all the recent evolution in laser technology as well as the refinement of the preoperative examinations.

What is the worst possible thing that can happen after laser eye surgery?
The operation is safe, but like all surgery there are risks. However, the skilled, experienced ophthalmologists who conduct the surgery are there to correct any complications that may arise during or after the operation.

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