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Visual defect

During the surgery

Anaesthesia of the eyes is achieved through the use of eye drops that are strong enough to alleviate any feelings of pain or sensitivity.
You are reclined during the operation. Laser surgery at Espace Nouvelle Vision is distress free. The surgeon cleans your eyelids with an antiseptic and a paper operating sheet is placed on your face.
You will then be asked to focus on a fixed light in a microscope.


The first stage
It consists of the use of the Femtosecond laser to create a thin flap on the surface of you cornea. Your eyelids are held open in order to avoid any winking reflexes and a cone shaped lens is placed and held on your eye. During the whole laser treatment (around 30 seconds) your eye remains focussed on a fixed point.
The VisuMax Femtosecond laser from Zeiss, the only one in Paris, allows this stage to be completed without any loss of light and without any pain.

The second stage It is conducted after having rotated your bed 180° to place you under the microscope of the EXCIMER laser.
The surgeon lifts the corneal flap created by the FEMTOSECOND laser, and then the rays of the EXCIMER laser are directed onto the cornea underneath. The laser focuses itself automatically according to the measurements stored in the EXCIMER computer which are taken from your eye before the surgery. The EXCIMER laser then sculpts the cornea to correct the default in question; all this is completed in less then 1 minute.
The Corneal flap is then replaced to its original position and is held in place through a natural suction process.
This is a painless procedure.


The division of the epithelium is carefully achieved by a small instrument under the microscope of the EXCIMER laser. The EXCIMER laser is then used in the same fashion to correct the default as with LASIK surgery. A flexible lens is then positioned on the eye at the end to reduce possible discomfort and to protect the eye during recovery.

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