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Previously, refractive surgery was happy to analyse and treat all low order aberrations (Myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism) in a similar manner.
However all eyes are different. Each cornea has its own surface and variations depending on the individual eye. Each cornea therefore has a distinguishable topography like a fingerprint.
Examination of the cornea using wavefront technology enables analysis of even the smallest imperfection or optical default and provides a very individual projection of the eye.
These subtle imperfections are referred to as high order aberrations. The intense analysis of the cornea by wavefront is recorded then transmitted to the Excimer laser computer.
This data allows the laser to be guided by the computer and results in a personalised or customised treatment of the cornea. This treatment is very precise and leads to a very high quality visual result. Classic optical correction with glasses or contact lenses can only treat to within + or – 0.25 diopters and is used for low order aberrations.
Customised refractive surgery is more precise to within + or – 0.01diopters and is therefore able to treat higher-order aberrations. By reducing halos and glare Custom lasik treatment can lessen night vision imperfections caused by conventional treatment. In the end, vision after Custom lasik is often better than it could have been before with corrective glasses.

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