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Before the operation

If your surgery is scheduled for the afternoon or even in the evening you are able to work beforehand.
LASIK surgery does not impede on your professional occupation in the following days.
If your operation is in the morning it is recommended to return to your home directly afterwards.
Your vision the next day is normally sufficient to continue with general office activities and even to work at a computer screen. However in the case of LASEK it is necessary to allow for 3 days of recovery time. The ability to go back to work or to undertake other activities will depend on the individual case.

  • Avoid high consumption of alcohol.
  • It is absolutely recommended not to wear any makeup and to remove all makeup a minimum of 24hrs before the surgery.

If you must work on the morning of you scheduled surgery it is advised to undertake a quiet activity. Do not forget to bring your prescribed eye drops as you will need them to keep your eyes well hydrated after the operation. You may suffer a light ocular irritation and sensitivity to light during a few hours.
It is recommended to leave ESPACE NOUVELLE VISION in your sunglasses. The actual surgery is short but you must be prepared to spend around 2 hours from arriving to leaving ESPACE NOUVELLE VISION.
If you are planning to leave by car it is recommended that you bring someone with you, as you will not be able to drive straight away. It is not mandatory to be accompanied by someone; in this case return by taxi is recommended.

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